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Pearl Hair Remover PRO

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World's First Dual Technology Hair Removal!

The Pearl PRO Hair Remover offers easy, safe, and painless hair removal, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes, and expensive office visits. Its innovative, patent-pending design uses heat transfer and electrolysis to remove unwanted hair without the slightest pain. For a fraction of the price of competitor brands, receive professional grade hair removal results from the comfort of your own home. Pearl PRO works perfect on all hair types and skin colors.

The new Pearl PRO includes a cordless hair remover with advanced controls setting the right temperature, electrolysis levels, and upgraded features like an LCD display and LED guide light. Hair removal is a breeze with our new large and small hair removal tips. A modern, ergonomic design and convenient charging base make using this innovative device a pleasure.

  • Professional quality results for men and women
  • Safe, easy, and painless
  • For use on all hair types and skin colors
  • Heat transfer tips crystallize hair on contact so it can be buffed away in seconds
  • Electrolysis discourages future hair growth 
  • Advanced temperature and microcurrent controls
  • LCD display and LED guide light
  • Cordless design and convenient USB charging 
  • Pearl Pro, White Pearlescent Finish/Chrome Accents
  • Large Buffer with 5 Buffing Pads
  • Small Buffer with 5 Buffing Pads
  • 3 Large Thermogenic Tips (for legs, arms, chest, and large areas)
  • 3 Small Thermogenic Tips (for face, neck, bikini line, and sensitive areas)
  • Pearl After-Care Serum (nourishing botanicals, special formula helps to slow hair's regrowth) 
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charging Base and Adapter
  • Storage/Travel Pouch
  • Deluxe Retail Gift Box

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